Lady Kunst

Lady Kunst works with the illusion of self projection and its different variants. She uses the timer trigger of the camera set to 10 seconds. This makes the creative work to be involved in a symbiotic relationship between the camera and the human being, between the observer and the observed. Working indoors or outdoors. Involving her husband and daughters in her projects. Everyday objects that seem to have no special role in life, become for Lady Kunst essential to recompose our perception of things. All this creative process makes the result a product of her work.

Searching for identity in a world full of identities. Time, space and circumstances change, and with it the things that surround us. A symbiosis between the external and the internal, between silence and noise, between oneself and the world.

For Lady Kunst, life is a theater in which we are all protagonists. Self-image, self-perception, life and death in human transition are recurring themes in Lady Kunst’s work.