The last model on the earth

In the middle of the Island Sao Miguel, in community of Pico da Pedra,  on the archipelago of the Azores, we find the last human model on the earth. It is a…

Unicorn goes to the see on the Azores

The unicorn goes to Azores. This is the story of a lovely unicorn who has got lost in the beautiful paradise of the Azores. He would face many stories in the search…


The kingdom of nature cast a spell on this animal. The lost unicorn. Digital photo on paper.

Lady with boots.

Lady with boots. Digital photo on cotton paper


Venus was the Roman goddess of love. She the goddess of fertility. This deity has the power to influence love affairs and fertility.     Digital photo on cotton paper  

Comiendo-te pollo

The girl is eating the chicken ready to go for the kill? or she comes from a party and is eating a corpse? Digital photo on cotton paper


A project where the artist reflex over the questions that instagram cause in the human mind. Where are we? the reflexion of what I post? We post what we choose to show.


The act of cleaning becomes a psychic act moldable to the human mood states.