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Kill another Indio Video by Lady Kunst

Capitalism. Daily Work.
In this video Jacqueline Delaye does not show through a slow representation the action of consuming for the sake of consuming. The woman as an object, the luxury object and the mass extermination of living beings. Simulating the theft of a raw chicken leg inside a luxury bag. In the end the artist sees the spectator making him an accomplice of the situation.
Down we will keep! What are able to do in order to get money and fame?

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Nature. Humans.

In the nature I feel my self. I really feel connected to something bigger and greater.I really feel love, not just by nature but also by humans.

Capitalism. Ignorance

IGNORANCE by  mexican artist lady Kunst. A serie of 100 videos about the concequences of capitalism. Beyond of knowing the true of things, we find our selves in a permanent state of…


175 € Billions were spent in 2008 for Luxus gods. One third of all produces aliments (1.3 Millions Tonnes) is never consumed. In this video Jacqueline Delaye  show us through a slow…