Don Quijote

“Don Quijote went crazy” Acrylic on canvas 30 x 40 cm. The blue side is melancholy, depth and sadness. The pink side, the joy, the awakening and the madness. The donkey behind, is Don Sancho’s donkey, where did dear Don Sancho go? Why did you leave Don Quixote alone? Where is Don Quixote’s horse?

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2017-2018 Online Magazin

lady Kunst was invited every month in the publications of the german Culture  Magazine  An Online Magazin about culture, music, literature and art.

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Der Duft der Demokratie

After the 2016 elections with the victory of Mr. Donald Trump, the concept of democracy in the United States takes on a new meaning. Here racism enters as a protagonist. How much…

Dystopian reality 2021

Dystopian Reality 2021 Purchase tickets covered from 2019 to 2021. Wood, glue, flour and metal.   “The meaning of consumerism is self-consumption” Will the child shoot himself for the lack of meaning…

Mono, from the serie Mono, digital photo 2023
Capitalism. Marriage
Love is something transformable and fleeting in human´s psyche. We can observe in many cultures that love in a way of a marriage has different meanings,  In one hand the procreation and…
What are the psychological effects of social media such as INSTAGRAM? Have we become a digital object of study? Who are we without social media? Tell me how you see me and…