IT looks difficult but it is not…

It’s an ordinary day, like today. You leave your house ready to live what you think your world is.
Your voice is ready, your heart goes to its normal rhythm, to its daily routine, in your mind your internal dialogues do not stop… All the elements merge together to reflect what you see every day; sure you feel good, there is no need to be anxious, you are familiar to yourself. You see yourself in the mirror, you are you.
The people you meet call you by name, you drink the coffee that you are sure gives you pleasure; in reality there is nothing out of the ordinary, you enjoy the days of your life, you know that the sun is hot and that it is just another day, you know that you like to eat and …well, you are you, the person closest to you, the person with whom you live daily, for whom you are looking for a better life. What you have lived so far has kept you alive, your mind has matured, which helps you to understand what surrounds you with more security, you are more sure of what life is, of what you are. It is rare that you do any activity in the day that you have not already done at some time in your life.
If living is magnificent, we have so much time for it…….life equals time. We work for and for it and the best thing is that we are rewarded.
Yes, you are familiar with your work, your daily work, your reflection in the mirror, your coffee, your name, your worries, your dialogue, your heartbeat, your voice, your world, your day.



Make no mistake, this is not no-makeup makeup.
Make no mistake, charcoal on paper 2016