The proletariat

used  plastic gloves from different people´s perfume creations on canvas.

Mixed  Technique.

40 x 50cm


The artist Lady Kunst represent with this peace of art, what it means to be part of the “mass” and at the same time a very unique individual. This gloves were used to make a unique personal frangrance, wich means every glove had its own frangrance. At the same time every glove conteins the Digital fingerprint of any person who took place in this performance.

The proletariat  according to Marx and Engels :

Dictatorship of the proletariat is different from the popular notion of ‘dictatorship’ which is despised as the selfish, immoral, irresponsible and unconstitutional political rule of one man. It instead[4] implies a stage where there is complete ‘socialization of the major means of production’, in other words planning of material production so as to serve social needs, provide for an effective right to work, education, health and housing for the masses, and fuller development of science and technology so as to multiply material production to achieve greater social satisfaction. However, social division into classes still exists, but the proletariat become the dominant class; oppression is still used to suppress the bourgeois counter-revolution.