Hotcake Day: How to make a breakfast to laugh

Breakfast in the morning determines my mood. Normally, as always, very spicy chili with bread, cheese and tomato, a cup of coffee and orange juice; However, there are days when something sweet has to dominate the taste buds of my tongue. Especially if it is accompanied by a dough with a spongy consistency. That’s what I call hotcakes.

Now there are hotcakes to hotcakes. Some good and others bad, like everything, so recognizing a good recipe from a bad one is very important. I remember one of my first experiences with hotcakes: Me and my brothers sitting at home, we had just seen a movie where some young people smoked a green cigarette and then laughed for hours, of course we asked my mother, what was in that cigarette, and our mother replied that it was a magic plant that was called “the plant of laughter” then she continued to make us breakfast: some delicious Hotcakes, with which we told her that if she could put us a little of that magic plant and of course My mother didn’t have any of that, but she went out into the garden, cut some mint and didn’t put it on the hotcakes. After pure placebo we dedicate ourselves to laugh.

Here is one of the best recipes I know to create those hot pancakes for a good mood throughout the day:


  • 50g butter
  • 300g milk
  • 2 eggs
  • 30g sugar
  • 200g Flour
  • 1 teaspoon of baking powder
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt


  1.  Melt the butter, put the eggs the sugar the flour the fermeto and the salt.
  2. Beat everything with the mixer.
  3. Ready!
  4. Now in a frying pan you put sunflower oil or butter and add a tablespoon of dough, wait a minute and then turn the dough, another minute and take it out. Don’t forget to turn the oven on to 50 degrees Celsius so that you can put all the hotcakes inside and they won’t cool down until serving time.
  5. And please! Don’t forget to add magicplant laughter!
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She lived and worked in Berlin, Germany during 11 years, after living in different countries like USA, England, France, Spain, Italy and of course Mexico the place where she was born.
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Production of 30 videos for the governmental company INFONAVIT, Mexico 2006
Video “Magic Afternoon” of Wolfgang Bauer with Jonathan Meese. Angela Richter, Daniel Richter. Kampenagel theater. Hamburg, Germany 2005
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ETA Hoffmann theater.  Video “Eloisa Está debajo un almendro” from Enrique Gardiel Poncera .Bamberg, Germany 2004
Documentary film about the theater project Magic Afternoon in the Kampenagel theater with artists such as Daniel Richter, Jonathan Messe. Hamburg, Germany. 2004
Artistic video” Where you” in Bamberg, Germany. 2004
Reportage about the theater project “Los Figurantes” in the University of Bamberg.Bamberg, Germany 2003
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