Venus was the Roman goddess of love. She the goddess of fertility. This deity has the power to influence love affairs and fertility.     2022 Digital photo Azores  

Comiendo-te pollo

The girl is eating the chicken ready to go for the kill? or she comes from a party and is eating a corpse? Digital photo on cotton paper


The act of cleaning becomes a psychic act moldable to the human mood states.

Capitalism. Marriage

Love is something transformable and fleeting in human´s psyche. We can observe in many cultures that love in a way of a marriage has different meanings,  In one hand the procreation and…

Capitalism. Mass Media

Mass Media Video 2018 2'13'' How often do we watch the news, listen to the radio, read the newspaper, do social media on the internet? Are we able to recognize how we…

Sex as consumption

Jacqueline Delaye: LADY KUNST Jacqueline Delaye shows us in this work, a very simple act like eating a sausage. But what does the viewer really see? The background music emphasizes capitalist life…

Daily work

Daily work. video. 2017

Kids war

  Video. 2016 Form the series of capitalims.