Magic Afternoon

This is a documentary film I made in the City of Hamburg, Germany. Great actors come together in order to give form a nice theater play Magic Afternoon from Wolfgang Bauer under…

Pinseartist Ralf Metzenmacher

    Video about an exhibition held in the city of Bamberg in 2004 on the recently deceased German artist Ralf Metzenmecher.   35min Mpg2 / color 2004


Video that reflects the thoughts of a 20-year-old woman through Mexico City, asking herself the existential questions: Where did we come from, where are we going, why are we here? … at…

Film: Magic Afternoon, Wolfgang Bauer

A film directed by Jacqueline Delaye about the theater play of Wolfgang Bauer, “Magic Afternoon” . With works and cooperation of Jonathan Messe und Daniel Richter. 45min. 2005 Hamburg, Germany SOLD

I Want to Come

OUI! I Want To Come is a video created in 2008 in Berlin. Music by LadyKunst Lyrics by Juan Diosdado


The symbolism of an emotional object like the doll walking in the beautiful fields and seas of the Açoriana São Miguel Island with her friend "la güera" represents the moments of which…

Die Parfumerie

  What would happen if one day you lost your own smell? Or worse, if your own smell was unbearable? How far would you go in your search for the perfect smell?

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Quarantine 1

How long do we have to live like this? Confinement causes pressures and perceptions that we didn’t know before. How vulnerable are we to the fragile states of our minds? How dependent…

Capitalism. Mass Media

Mass Media Video 2018 2’13” How often do we watch the news, listen to the radio, read the newspaper, do social media on the internet? Are we able to recognize how we…

Sex as consumption

Jacqueline Delaye: LADY KUNST Jacqueline Delaye shows us in this work, a very simple act like eating a sausage. But what does the viewer really see? The background music emphasizes capitalist life…