Lady Kunst works with the illusion of self projection and its different variants. She uses the timer trigger of the camera set to 10 seconds. This makes the creative work to be involved in a symbiotic relationship between the camera and the human being, between the observer and the observed. Working indoors or outdoors. Involving her husband and daughters in her projects. Everyday objects that seem to have no special role in life, become for Lady Kunst essential to recompose our perception of things. All this creative process makes the result a product of her work.
Lady Kunst’s work is a mixture of apathy, courage and desperation. For Lady Kunst, life is a theater in which we are all protagonists. Lady Kunst’s work focuses on political and commercial aspects, making a severe criticism of the current values of society.
Jacqueline Delaye has a multidisciplinary background based in social studies and arts. She studied Social Anthropology in Mexico city. Cinema and Tv in Barcelona and Art and Culture Management in Paris. She worked as a video artist and documentary filmmaker around Europe.
After living in different countries like USA, England, France, Spain, Italy and México Jacqueline moved to Berlin, Germany her home since 15 years.
She moved for 4 years to the archipelago Azores, on the island of Sao Miguel, in order to take the inspiration of nature. Now she came back to the great city of Berlin to keep breathing the inspiration of human society.


I started in the art world when I was 19 years old. I had already taken photography courses and I was amazed by the visual and social part of the city where I lived, Mexico City, full of contrasts in both socioeconomic and visual aspects. I wanted to show the world the reality in which the lower class of Mexicans live, a place between hope and death. For this reason I decided to take the camera as my means of expression. In the same city of Mexico, I had the opportunity to work in different commercial audiovisual productions (advertising, independent films). At the age of 21 I went to the city of Barcelona to do my audiovisual studies  where I had the opportunity to be inspired by the best independent filmmakers and artistic currents. My work is a mixture of apathy, courage and desperation. In order better represent the political issues of the society, I had created the fictional figure of Lady Kunst (Lady Art translated form German).

For me life is a theater in which we are all protagonists.

My work focuses on political, social and commercial aspects, making a severe criticism of the current values of the western society, especially luxury, consumption and advertising. As a Mexican, I could not close my eyes to social injustices and corruption, especially in the area of politics.

This is my inspiration and objective: to tell a story through photography, a story that is not so easy to read, combining different elements that speak more to the subconscious than to the conscious. My impetus is more of desperation and courage in the face of violence, aggression, ignorance and greed. I like to use myself as the subject of action in the images as this leads me to question the abstract sense of personality. What we are, what we can become, how many different characters we are throughout our lives and above all how deeply we can influence our environment.


Born: French-Mexican 17.02.1978 Guadalajara, Mexico.


Art and Culture Management, IESA Paris
Television, Cinema, Video, IDEP Barcelona.
Drawing and Painting in CEAC Barcelona.
Organization and design of museums and galleries, Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona.
Study of art history and evaluation of art works, Casa Lamm, Casa de Cultura Mexico city. Colloquium “A brief history of Goya” Museo Nacional de Arte , Mexico City. Photography Centro de Cultura Coyoacán
2023 Interview
2016-2018 Videos Capitalism in German online Magazin Culturmag
2016- Art-book Catalogue first edition.
2007-Vértigo Mexican Magazine 25 / Marzo/ 2007
House of Cultures of Mexico in Paris,“Les ponts”, Paris 2007
Art Festival Blue-Valentine, Paris Video Video „Sequence“ 2006
Organization in Exhibition Gildo Medina, Paris 2006
Production of 30 videos for the governmental company INFONAVIT, Mexico 2006
Video “Magic Afternoon” of Wolfgang Bauer with Jonathan Meese. Angela Richter, Daniel Richter. Kampenagel theater. Hamburg, Germany 2005
Video “Ralf Metzenmacher” ex boss-Design of the Company PUMA, Bamberg,  Germany. 2005
ETA Hoffmann theater.  Video “Eloisa Está debajo un almendro” from Enrique Gardiel Poncera .Bamberg, Germany 2004
Documentary film about the theater project Magic Afternoon in the Kampenagel theater with artists such as Daniel Richter, Jonathan Messe. Hamburg, Germany. 2004
Artistic video” Where you” in Bamberg, Germany. 2004
Reportage about the theater project “Los Figurantes” in the University of Bamberg.Bamberg, Germany 2003
Documentary film about a handicaps factory “Es gibt nur eine Welt” Kulmbach, Germany. 2003
First edition of Film festival Docupolis in Barcelona, Spain Art video “Auto-Conscience”.2001
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