Capitalism. I hit my son


While in the period 2013-2016 it is estimated that 2 girls, boys and teenagers were murdered on a daily basis. Currently, three children and adolescents are murdered every day in Mexico, and four of them disappear every day in the national territory, without a convincing response from the Mexican State to this serious situation.

Violence against children includes abuse, physical and mental mistreatment, abandonment, negligent treatment, exploitation, sexual abuse, recruitment into organized crime and homicide. Violence occurs in any place including the home, school, orphanages, residential care centers, on the street, in the workplace, in prisons and penitentiaries, affects children’s physical and mental health, impairs their ability to learn and socialize, and later affects their development as functional adults and generates a reproduction of the phenomenon when they in turn are parents, which perpetuates the cycle of violence. In the most serious cases, violence against children and adolescents leads to early death.



I hit my son.